i'm diane! i am a destination wedding and elopement photographer.
I am based out of Atlanta and travel worldwide.Marriedto a gorgeous man, I have one daughter and 2 sons,a dog,and a bunny.

 I'm drawn to people who are different, and who value the experience I have to offer. If you're looking for just any photographer with a fancy camera I'm not your girl, and that's okay! Everyone deserves a photographer that matches their needs perfectly! But for me, I'd much rather show up on your elopement or wedding day a friend rather than a vendor.

 I want to know what you love to do together on the weekends, how you interact, and the story of how he proposed. Because when we get to know each other like best friends, I'm able to capture your love story THAT much better.

So If you're down for adventure, not afraid to get mud on your feet, and don't mind wind or rain messing up your hair, we're probably the perfect fit! Because I want to give you those messy in between moments. Those moments that are unplanned and unposed. Where maybe you're hair isn't perfect, but the look on your face is pure joy. Of course you'll get details and family shots (the ones Mom loves!), but what I truly want to serve you with are photographs that transport you back to the feeling you had in the moment they were taken.

our shooting style would be described as structured but candid as well.naturally, as professional photographers...we suggest the best poses and then everything else follows candidly between you and your forever person.during your photo session, sometimes you'll forget we're even there.

our editing style is a lot like old film , but also carries a contrast that preserves true color and making the most beautiful things pop out. we've chosen to edit in a way that resembles film because, it is a true representation to what the environment looked like. much like how choosing a venue evokes a feeling in you for where you create and celebrate a memory, we preserve every bit of that in the way we curate your photos.

my aim is to bring life to your images that resonate with your fierce and adventurous love.

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