Where are you located ?

North Georgia , though you can find us shooting all over the state & beyond on any given day! Passport ready to go!

Do you Travel ?
YES! Take us with you, & we will make it worth your while.Contact us for a custom quote today.I have been budget traveling on many occasions, so I know how to work on low funds!

What if i have more questions about other subjects ?

Ask away! I love planning special adventures and events with anyone! With my creativity, I
have so much to share.From picking the most whispy feild to shoot at,to making sure you look great for labor photography,no task is too big or small.They all play a part in making your day one to never forget!

Do you have more than one shooter ?

Yes! Velvet Fox + Co. has a main photographer with up to two additional & equally qualified professional photogs for capturing every angle of your moment! Just let us know how much coverage you think you will need.

What is a Personal Printing Release ?
Those are legally granted rights to create personal reproduction of our work together,
you can pick who to share & print with!
The studio retains the copyright , which basically means I may share your images in a print or online publication!

who can i expect to do my complimentary hair and makeup for my engagement?

When selecting your local hair and makeup artist , we go through the best quality vendor and share our pick to get your final approval.We want you to fall in love with your look as well as be pampered!

What does Rehearsal Guidance include?

Rehearsal guidance is when we go through with bride and groom what to expect from us for the following day,along with the bridal party to communicate effectively and rehearse certain cues,which greatly helps give you the best images possible.

How Many Photos do I get ?

The average 8 wedding day will yield a range of 400-800 finished images.Depending on the hours we're hired of course, you should expect more or less.This range is subject to many outside variables: weather,timeline,etc.

How long until we get our photos ?

The maximum turn around time is 5 weeks for wedding photos & 3 weeks for all other collections.This is the max, and if we are running ahead of schedule, you would get them sooner!

How will we receive our photos ?

Wedding images are delivered on a USB/and or online curated gallery.
Engagement and other collections are through an online gallery so you can download them as soon as i'm finished working,because we know how waiting for something so exciting is hard!

How & When should I book you ?

If I have the spot open , it's yours! Typically, weddings are booked anywhere from a few months out to a year and a half.You will want to get a deposit down on your wedding date as early as possible so you have our services secured.Fill out the contact form today to confirm if we are free for your date!

What is your payment process like ?

There's a 50% retainer deposit due at the time of signing,which reserves your date.From there, there is one more payment ,4 weeks before your shoot.Custom payment plans are welcome, so let's talk details.

What do I wear ?

Let it be known that you have nothing to worry over! This wonderful company
Style and Select really go into the most reasonably priced,fashionable trends for you and your forever person, styling you both to rock your session!Please get in touch with questions and they're happy to help.Visit 

What do you charge ?

I have a guideline to price different moments.
For weddings,your custom price includes an engagement session for us to get to know each other.Get in touch,I'd be happy to sned you more information!

This all sounds good.Now what ?

Start by sending me a message with all the details! We can meet to discuss in further.I take a signed contract and retainer payment to secure your wedding date.For other sessions,you receive a smaller contract to give permission of online release of your images & receipt of payment.​​​​​​​

We have Provided you with some frequently asked questions, along with answers to better help you. 

Have a question you do not see listed below? Get in touch and we are 
happy to help you any way we can!